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Hello Crystal Palace, it is Peter & Harmony here from The Crystal Palace Flower Company. As some of you may know we sell fresh flowers at Crystal Palace Train Station on a Thursday and Friday, spending the weekend doing the same but in the Alma Pub Garden.


On Thursday March 20th this all changed and we became full time greengrocers. At present, we are not operating at Crystal Palace Train Station in any capacity with all our time and energy being committed to the Alma Site. 


Everyday in the early hours of the morning we drive our flower van to New Covent Garden market and fill it to the brim with all the best and freshest fruit and vegetables we can find.


We then return to SE19 and begin constructing our stall, so that at 11am we are ready to start serving. 


The Fruit and vegetable boxes are at the same time being prepared and packed inside the alma pub ready for their delivery. 


We have one simple rule everyday which is to get up and do the best possible for everyone, we hope we are improving all the time.


We wish you all well, and are happy to answer and respond to any questions or queries that you may have.